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CFA GC/TICA SGC Berryhill's Barn Burner

CFA GC/TICA SGC Berryhill's Butternutt

RW SGC Berryhill's Bohemian Rhapsody
(Owners:  Shawn & Yvonne McKelvey)

RW SGCA Berryhill Cadbury Fruit And Nut
(Owner:  Crystal Jager)

CFA GC/TICA DGC Berryhill's Rumpleteazer

Berryhill’s Sour Cherry Pye

CFA GP/TICA SGCA Berryhill's Red Zinger (Owner: Karen Frankenfield)

CFA GP/TICA SGCA Berryhill's Winston Cup (Owners: Yvonne & Shawn McKelvey)

CFA GC/TICA SGC Barton’s Wallnutt of Berryhill

CFA GRC/ TICA IW SGC Berryhill's Blast Off

CFA North Atlantic Region Best Flame Point 2008-2009
TICA International 4th Best Cat 2008-2009
TICA Mid Atlantic Region 2nd Best Cat 2008-2009

"Vogie passed over the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2012. She was almost 15 years old. She loved a lot of cats and kittens here and anyone who met her knew she was a cat dressed as a yellow Lab. We'll meet again old girl."

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